A melodious veena recital

THE HANS INDIA |   Feb 15,2017 , 01:11 AM IST

R Krishna Murty  performing on the veena
R Krishna Murty performing on the veena

As a part of weekend cultural programme of the Department of Language and Culture, Government of Andhra Pradesh conducted a Veena recital of R Krishna Murthy on Sunday evening at Sri Ghantasala Venkateswara Rao Government Music and Dance College. R Krishna Murthy is a  retired Principal of Tirupati Music College. Krishna Murthy has a unique quality of rendering keerthanas while playing the Veena.

He commenced the recital with Patnam Subramania Iyer’s composition in Kanada ragam.  He continued further with ‘Gam Ganapatim” in Hamsadwani ragam, “Devadhi deva Sri Vasudeva” in Sunadavinodini ragam of Muttaiah Bhagavatar, “Emani pogadudune’ the Annamacharya keerthana in Bhimpalas ragam. 

The audience were mesmerised by the excellent support given by the mridangam and ghatam. The main item of the veena recital was Saint Thyagarajaswamy’s composition in Keeravani ragam “Kaligiunte kada Kalgunu”. The recital concluded with Thillana of Balamurali composition in Brindavana Saranga Ragam. The niraval and swaras were brisk.

It is worthy to mention the support extended by Sadguru Charan on mridangam and Haribabu on ghatam, who also came with an energetic 'thani' which lent vibrancy to the veena recital. Padma Krishnamurthy was also gave support with her melodious voice.

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