Zero-fat, clean, lab-made chicken on the way
Zero-fat, clean, lab-made chicken on the way

Visakhapatnam: Here is the good news for the non-vegetarians. Very hygienic, healthy and tasty laboratory-made chicken is coming soon into the Indian market. Research by biotechnology scientists proved that chicken can be made in the lab with same qualities, colour and taste as natural chicken. Moreover, the laboratory made chicken will be zero-fat. 

The first phase of the laboratory chicken (cultured or artificial chicken) research project was successfully completed at GITAM University. There are some satellite cells in human and animals. The cells are born automatically and healthy. These cells have unique feature that they can be developed or changed into any other cells in body. 


  • First phase research involving development of muscle cells from the satellite cells of chicken in lab have been completed  
  • Second phase regarding taste, colour and other factors are awaited
In chicken, the satellite cells are available a plenty in the chest part. In the non-vegetarian food, muscle parts are most preferable item of any meat. As satellite cells having unique feature of developing into muscle cells, the GITAM scientist proved that muscle cells could be developed from satellite cells. Once the satellite cells are converted into muscle cells, it will be easy to manufacture chicken in laboratories.  

Ministry of food processing industry (MoFPI) had entrusted the research project to department of Biotechnology, GITAM University in 2015. After a two-and-a-half years research, the biotechnology department with Prof R Satyanarayana as lead researcher, successfully submitted its report to the effect that muscle cells could be produced from the satellite cells of chicken. 

As the first and very key part of the lab-made chicken research project was successful, the MoFPI scientists are expressing confidence that the lab-made chicken will be produced commercially soon. 

According to a MoFPI scientist, the first phase of the laboratory chicken research project was grand success and the next level works, including clinical trials and edible tests have to be taken up. Chicken accounts for nearly a third of the world’s total meat consumption. The cultured or laboratory meat could be the perfect food for future, because it will be produced in a sterile environment and the levels of antibiotics will be reduced substantially.

"The first step is completed. Of course, the main and final factor is the consumer satisfaction. The taste is the most important factor after the colour of the lab-made meat. However, the colour will almost be similar and more attractive than the natural meat. The clinical trials and edible tests will form the second phase of research project," the woman scientist of MoFPI said with a pride.

When asked about his research on lab-manufactured chicken, Prof Satyanarayana confirmed the findings of the research. "According to the framework of the MoFPI, I have done the research and proved that the muscle cells could be produced from the satellite cells,” he said and added that as the subject was pending with the MoFPI, he cannot want to speak further on the subject.

By VKL Gayatri