Smarphone explodes in user's pocket, man sustains serious injuries

THE HANS INDIA |   Aug 13,2017 , 04:41 PM IST

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Smartphones catching fire is not unheard of as there are cases of them exploding while getting charged.

In a latest incident, a Red Mi Note 4 smartphone exploded in the pocket of a man in East Godavari district on Sunday. The owner of the phone, Bhavana Suryakiran sustained serious injuries on his thigh.

The incident occurred when he was driving on his bike when the smartphone caught fire in the pocket of his pants. While the owner was unable to pull it out since it was burning, the locals rescued him by pouring water on his pants and finally removed the phone which was still on fire.

He is now planning to take the issue to court over the faulty phone which he purchased 20 days back and also seek compensation to his injuries. 

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