Girl demands father’s arrest

THE HANS INDIA |   Oct 13,2017 , 01:38 AM IST


Visakhapatnam: An 18-year-old girl warned the Two Town Police that she would commit suicide, if the police did not arrest her father, who was forcibly sexually assaulting the girl for the past three months. According to reports, Mani Prasad, employee in Military Engineering Service (MES)  and working in Nagpur,  married five women. He was blessed with a girl from one of his wives.

Habituated to alcohol and other bad habits, Mani Prasad was forcibly having sex with his daughter for the past three months. The victim’s mother was living in Nellore and the girl was staying in a private hostel.

The victim lodged a complaint with the Two-Town Police on July 7 against her father. The police sent the victim to KGH for medical examination. Later, on August 1, the accused Mani Prasad was taken into custody and an FIR was registered against him. But he was released after three days.

However, as there was no action by the police, the accused again came to the city from Nagpur and tortured the victim on Wednesday night. With this, the victim along with large number of women activists rushed to the police station on Thursday. 

“Instead of arresting the father, who is the accused, Circle Inspector of Police Ramana was threatening me to come to an understanding with her father. If the police fail to render justice, I will commit suicide by setting ablaze,” the victim told the media in the police station here on Thursday. 

Responding on the issue, CI Ramana said that already FIR was registered and the accused was absconding. The case was under investigation, the CI added.

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