Nunna Mango Market in Vijayawada
Nunna Mango Market in Vijayawada

Vijayawada: Nunna Mango Market, which is one of the biggest mango markets in the country, wears a deserted look due to lack of trading activity this season. Nunna Mango Market is famous for exporting mangoes to Delhi, Maharashtra, Haryana and Hyderabad. 

Hundreds of mango traders and middlemen every year come to Nunna Mango Market for purchase of fruits. Banginapalli, Totapuri and juicy varieties are exported from the market. This season, trading was started on April 7. So far, only 100 tonnes of mangoes were brought to the market by farmers. Last year, farmers had brought about 500 tonnes of mangoes every day to the market, said a supervisor of Nunna Mango Market.

Deficit rainfall and harsh weather conditions were responsible for the crop failure this season in Krishna district. Mango orchards are spread over two lakh acres in the district. Nuzvid, Mylavaram, Vissannapeta, Tiruvuru, Agiripalli, Chatrai and Reddygudem are famous for growing Banginapalli, juicy varieties and Totapuri mangoes.

Unfortunately, the crop failed in the flowering stage this season, said Bobbili Kondala Rao, one of the famous mango exporters and a farmer of Nuzvid. He said the farmers are facing hardships due to non-availability of water wetting of mango trees. He said the trees need water when the crop grows. 

Groundwater levels are also declining in Nuzvid region over the years due to deficit rainfall for three years. “When there is no crop, how could mango growers take the fruits to Nunna Mango Market”, he questioned.

Of the 70 odd shops located at Nunna Mango Market, nearly 40 shops not opened by the traders till April 28. Less than 10 trucks are coming to the market from other states every day to take the loads to Delhi, Haryana, Maharashtra and Hyderabad. Rakesh, a mango trader of Delhi, said he was disappointed with the poor condition of mango market in Vijayawada. He reminded that hundreds of traders and middlemen from Delhi used to visit Vijayawada to purchase mangoes in summer.  

Mango prices are also falling for the last two weeks in Nunna Mango Market. When the market was opened on April 7, Banginapalli variety was sold for Rs 40,000 per tonne. Now, the average price is only Rs 30,000 per tonne. Similarly, the prices of juicy varieties and Totapuri were also declined. Initially, juicy varieties and Totapuri were sold for Rs 20,000 per tonne. Now, the prices ranges between Rs 13,000 and Rs.18,000 per tonne, said the supervisor of the market.