'Frustrated ' Techie ends life in Visakhapatnam

By Srikanth Reddy | THE HANS INDIA |   May 09,2018 , 04:12 PM IST

'Frustrated ' Techie ends life in Visakhapatnam
'Frustrated ' Techie ends life in Visakhapatnam

Annoyed for what he said completely disturbed with the present happenings in the society,  a 24 year old B.Tech student committed suicide from hanging to a ceiling fan in Ratnagiri Housing colony in Visakhapatnam. 

He left behind a suicide note stating  he will not suit to live in the society and hence he is taking the extreme step.   The victim Bhaskar also apologized to his parents. 
Father Satyanarayana said that his son slept in first floor  in the night. He was found hanging when his father went to see him in the monring, police said  case was booked.    

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