Eluru agriculture officials make suggestions to farmers on seedbeds

THE HANS INDIA |   Jun 13,2018 , 11:04 PM IST

Officials make Suggestions to Farmers on Seedbeds
Officials make Suggestions to Farmers on Seedbeds

Eluru: With the farming activity for Khariff season set to begin in the next few days, the agriculture department officials have been suggesting that healthy paddy seedbed is the key for a good harvest. Apart from manual procedure, machines and drum seeders are also used for paddy sowing.

Under Rytwari procedure, 25 kilos of paddy seed is necessary for each acre. If the farmer opts for Sri variety of paddy, two kgs of seed is enough. If machines are used, 10 kgs of paddy seeds are sufficient. 

Seedbeds will be ready within  25 days  of  paddy seed sowing. The Sri variety seed of two kgs can be used for sowing in a portion of land. The seedbeds should be planted from eighth to 12th day.

Plastic trays should be used for planting the seedbeds through the machine. Under this procedure, the seedbeds would be ready within 15 days.

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