Food processing has bright future: CEO

THE HANS INDIA |   Jun 19,2018 , 02:48 AM IST

Food processing has bright future: CEO
Food processing has bright future: CEO

Srikakulam: Food processing industry has bright future and youth better to concentrate on the field, suggested young scientist and CEO of Pulses and Omix International Group, Gedela Srinu Babu. He hails from Srikakulam and settled in high position at young age with his entrepreneurship skills. 

The Forum for Better Srikakulam (TFBS) members felicitated young scientist with unique global leadership award at Gurajada Educational Society premises on Monday. 

Speaking on the occasion, Srinu Babu appealed to students to learn life skills and management tips from the early stage and concentrate on job and earning-oriented career. 

With health consciousness increasing among public, food processing field has better opportunities, he said. Superintendent of Police Dr CM Trivikrama Varma lauded the services of Srinu Babu. 

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