People watching variety of flower plants in a nursery in Anantapur
People watching variety of flower plants in a nursery in Anantapur

Anantapur: Several nurseries have come up in the city and women are making a beeline to these nurseries to buy flower and fruit plants. People developed love for greenery and it is visible in all exhibitions. There are 10 nurseries selling flower, ornamental and fruit-bearing plants to residents for planting them in their own house premises.

Besides, the municipal corporation is also engaged in planting saplings on the sides of main roads, at road dividers and in the avenues. Presently green plants have been developed on the government hospital road, court road and railway station road and these plants were supplied by nurseries in city which are maintained by people from Kadiyam, near Rajamahendravaram, in East Godavari district.

Swarna Latha talking to ‘The Hans India’ says that she is delighted to see a lot of greenery on the roads and streets. “About 10 years ago, there was hardly any greenery in the city but today the city is looking green and beautiful,” she stated.

Veeranna and Obuleshu running nurseries on the Kalyanadurgam road say that every week lorry loads of plants arrive from Kadiyam. The plants which are in demand include 10 feet long mango plants, guava, berry(neredu), banana and papaya plants which are ready for plantation.

They revealed that for setting up a nursery, they invested Rs 4 lakh for pillars, trays, plastic sheets, bore-well and shade net etc. The horticulture and forest departments are also running nurseries for supply of plantation to farmers.

The department is also promoting low cost shade net nurseries by offering subsidies and incentives. Swetha, a housewife from Vidhyuthnagar in the city stated that she is very enthusiastic about her backyard flowers and fruit garden. Domestic gardens are creating a serene atmosphere and a cool climate during summer season. 

Nurseries are proving to be a boon to the farmers as they are getting readymade plants for transplantation. Most of the plants supplied by nurseries are good as they were procuring the plants from Kadiyam, famous for nurseries. For Rajyalakshmi, a housewife in Arvindnagar Colony in the city, gardening was her first love. She is able to see a marked change in the tastes of people in the district as everyone is attracted towards fruit trees and flower plantations.

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