One-man commission Chairman JC Sharma interacting with community people at Kanuparthipadu in Nellore district on Friday
One-man commission Chairman JC Sharma interacting with community people at Kanuparthipadu in Nellore district on Friday

Nellore: The one-man commission, constituted on Beda and Budagajangams, Chairman J C Sharma suggested the administration to issue certificates to the people concerned only after verification of the caste in the state. He addressed the officials at New ZP Conference Hall here on Friday and said the one-man commission was appointed on existence of Beda and Budamajanga population in the state.

Sharma said there were many fake certificates issued by the officials even though they don’t belong to these two communities. He mentioned there were community people in Telangana between 1950 and 1976 and started migrating to Andhra Pradesh. He said there were Jangam, Katikaparulu, Beda Jangam, Pagativeshalu and the commission has been constituted on their existence and number of people belong to these communities.

He stated that these communities are in Telangana and Anyajangam community people have taken certificates with fake details and asked suggestions on measures to prevent issuance of such fake certificates. He also sought suggestions on any modifications to the 1993, and 1997 Acts.

The one-man panel chief asked people what measures to be taken to prevent issuing certificates to the people, who migrated from other parts of the country. He called for 100 per cent accuracy while issuing the certificates. He enquired about number of cases booked against the people, who availed certificates with fake data and asked to clear such cases as soon as possible giving no scope for delay.

District Collector R Mutyala Raju explained basic aims of constituting the commission in November 2017. Joint Collector-2 M Kamala Kumari, DRO SV Nageswara Rao, RDOs Arun Babu, BV Reddy and Sridevi, DRDA Project Director Rosemond, BC Welfare Officer Rajeswari, municipal commissioners, Tahsildars, and anthropology Professor Babu Haranath and others were present.

Sharma visited Indiramma Colony in Kanuparthipadu and interacted with people from Beda and Budagajangama communities. M Govindu, R Eswaramma, Brahmaiah, Budagajangala association state president Y Madhu, and others explained their opinions to Sharma.

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