BMW claims that the new system responds 50 times faster than any conventional driving system

BMW i3sBavarian manufacturer BMW has announced that it will offer its new traction control system in all future BMW and MINI models. It is the same system which was first introduced in the i3s electric hatchback, which was unveiled at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. BMW says that the new traction control system responds 50 times faster than conventional control systems as it is adapted to control instantaneous power delivery of an electric powertrain.

Let’s take a look at the functioning of the system. It gets a new powertrain-integrated process control unit instead of a remote unit that uses signal paths to communicate in older versions.The omission of a remote unit trims the process cycle and enables a faster response while accelerating out of corners and during active brake energy regeneration phases. These faster times help in improving traction and driving stability in adverse weather and road conditions.

BMW says that its new traction control system can also optimise traction, driving stability and driving dynamics in vehicles powered by internal combustion (IC) engines as well. The brand also confirms that we will get to see the new traction control system in future BMW and MINI models irrespective of whether they are front-, rear- or all-wheel drive cars. This should give IC-powered cars better acceleration and stability like the i3s electric hatchback.

Last month, BMW also introduced a new 7-speed Steptronic dual-clutch transmission across the MINI lineup which was earlier limited to the BMW X1 in the UK.


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