RentoMojo services in Hyderabad

THE HANS INDIA |   Jul 18,2017 , 03:46 AM IST


Hyderabad: RentoMojo, a leading subscription-based rental company, has commenced its operations in Hyderabad. After consolidating its presence with millennials in Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and Delhi/NCR, the company is expanding its operations across the country.

It aims at providing easy, affordable and hassle-free solutions to the residents of Hyderabad by providing furniture, appliances and other necessities. Customers can pay rent for furniture and other appliances for the period they use. The company aims to double its subscriber base by 2017 from the existing 25,000 members.

Geetansh Bamania, CEO & Founder, RentoMojo, said: “Hyderabad is a home to technology sector and IT giants like Microsoft, Google, Infosys, Facebook, etc, have presence here. Annually, employment and higher education opportunities in the city attract around 40 percent  of professionals from across the country. Hyderabad is a conducive market for us and therefore, we decided to start operations in the city.”

Millennials do not want to be committed to long-term assets and they recognize the need to smartly own/rent essentials and spend more on experiences rather on impulsive tangible purchases. Cashing on this mindset of consumers, RentoMojo offers a wide range of electronic productions, furniture, appliances and bikes on rent. 

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