Krishnapatnam Port gets deeper draft

THE HANS INDIA |   Sep 20,2017 , 12:47 AM IST


Hyderabad: Krishnapatnam Port Company Ltd (KPCT), in its quest to reach global standards, has increased its draft for container terminal to 16 meters. With the new milestone, Krishnapatnam Port Container Terminal now becomes one of the deepest draft container ports on the east coast of India. Krishnapatnam Port already enjoys the status of having 18.5-meter draft, deepest in India for its bulk terminal, according to a release.

Hyderabad-based CVR Group promoted the all-weather deep water Krishnapatnam Port in Andhra Pradesh on BOST (build–operate-share-transfer) concession basis for 50 years. The port would be built in three phases and currently the second phase is underway.

Vinita Venkatesh, Director, KPCT, said: “The deep draft availability is the latest facility, we’re making available for the shipping lines in keeping with our customer centric approach to provide infrastructure ahead of demand. This will enable liner companies to increase vessel size and gain higher market share at KPCT.”  

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