Latest Collections of Garuda Vega, Vunnadi Okate Zindagi & Next Nuvve

THE HANS INDIA |   Nov 08,2017 , 06:00 PM IST

Next Nuvve & Garuda Vega Collections
Next Nuvve & Garuda Vega Collections

 Dr. Rajasekhar is back to the success of his latest film Garuda Vega. The film is doing well in all the areas including the two Telugu states. The film is getting decent revenues at the USA box office as well. The unanimous positive talk for the film is a major advantage. The buzz is that Garuda Vega collected a share of 2.74 lakhs on day 5 and took its 5-day total to 26.36 lakhs in Krishna district. This is an interesting phase for the film as it entered the second week.

On the other side, the film Next Nuvve that released along with Garuda Vega opened to average reviews and the performance is poor. The film collected a share of 1.30 lakh on its 5th day and pocketed a total share of 11.56 lakhs in 5 days in the same area (Krishna District).

Ram’s romantic youthful entertainer, Vunnadhi Okate Zindagi that released on 27th October has crossed the 1 crore mark in Krishna district on its 12th day. Raja The Great, released for Diwali and performed well in the same area by collecting 0.68 lakh on its 21st day, taking its latest total to 1.73 crore rupees.

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