Tholi Prema Day One World Wide Collections
Tholi Prema Day One World Wide Collections

Tholi Prema is the film that released yesterday amidst of positive buzz. We have now come to know that the movie collected maximum revenues at the box office and the worldwide day one collection are satisfactory for the makers.

The movie started off on a good note. The film collected 1.17C, 0.45C, 0.23C, 0.25C, 0.24C, 0.38C, 0.12C and 0.33C in Nizam, Vizag, East, West, Krishna, Guntur, Nellore and Ceded regions. The film collected 1.67C in other Andhra regions. All these reported numbers are shares. The film collected a gross of 2 crore rupees in Nizam area. The film collected a gross of 2.55C, 0.55C in Andhra and Ceded regions.

The total share of the film in Nizam and AP is 3.17C and the gross is 5.1 crore rupees. The film collected (on Thursday and Friday) 1.44C share and 3.2C gross in the USA. The rest of India estimation is 0.52C share and 1.3C gross. The worldwide collection of the film is 5.13C share and 9.6C gross.

Directed by Venky Atluri, the film is going to become a big hit in the career of Varun Tej.

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