Hot Anasuya Says No

THE HANS INDIA |   Mar 06,2018 , 04:42 PM IST

Hot Anasuya Says NO
Hot Anasuya Says NO

It is an era where we are so addicted to the smartphones, the internet, and social media sites so much that we have even started to have its side effects. Keeping the social media anxiety aside, cyber threats and online trolls are unlimited. 

A celebrity staying away from the social media circuits is not a new thing, but for sure it affects their branding and marketing. When prone to too much negativity, the celebrities are suggested to take a break from social media activities, because they cannot spare time to react and get into more negativity. Even when her co-workers asked her to be back on social media, she rejected saying she wanted more time to return to the microblogging sites.

The recent one who has chosen for 'Social Media Detox' was Anasuya Bharadwaj. Anasuya was bashed by the tweeps on twitter for there were allegations that she has broken the phone of a boy who neared her for a photograph. It was after that incident that Anasuya deactivated all the social media sites. 

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