Weak Buzz For Naa Nuvve
Weak Buzz For Naa Nuvve

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram is gearing up for the release of his new movie titled Naa Nuvve. The film is hitting the screens tomorrow, but there is a weak buzz on the film. The movie is releasing on Thursday, and the makers failed to create an impact with the promotions and the theatrical trailer. Director Jayendra who earlier made 180 failed in creating a special interest in the movie.

Though Kalyan Ram transformed himself for the movie, it is of no help in creating a buzz. Tamannah's presence in the film is hardly creating an impression. 

The bookings have started already, but they are very slow. The makers wanted to cash the Eid weekend, but it seems to be hard for the film unit in turning the attention of everyone to their movie in spite of a couple of other releases this week.

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