Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2: Episode 19 Highlights
Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2: Episode 19 Highlights

There are many highlights in this particular episode. Tejaswi expressed her displeasure over the Kitchen rules. She vented out her anger that everyone is changing the rules of Kitchen as per their own interests. She also said that she will not step into kitchen again. Both Tejaswi and Shyamala got emotional but finally, with the intervention of the housemates, they apologized for one another.

Geetha Madhuri crooned the sing Diyyo Diyyo and everyone enjoyed it in the home. Tejaswi and Bhanu danced for the song while Roll Rida entertained. Tejaswi and Samrat track appeared boring as usual. Nandini Rai asked Tejaswi if something is going on between her and Samrat. Nandini expressed this doubt by saying that everyone has this doubt. Tejaswi did not answer it properly and revealed the same to Samrat.

As Kaushal could not complete Big Bomb task, Bigg Boss has given punishment again to Kaushal to clean the utensils. Samrat who broke the glass in the house was also given punishment.

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