Minor mortgaged; money lender held

THE HANS INDIA |   Jun 18,2017 , 01:23 AM IST


Guntur: In a tragic incident, a woman was tortured by a money lender as her father had taken Rs 15,000 loan from the latter. Taking advantage of his inability to repay the money, the 55-year-old financier made hapless man’s daughter to work as a maid for some time at his residence before forcibly marrying her who was 14 then. 

After putting up with the traumatic life for over 10 years, the woman, now 25, resorted to commit suicide when he suspected her fidelity. Later, she lodged a complaint against him at Vinukonda police station.  According to police, victim's father N Masthana Rao, a resident of Vinukonda  took Rs 15,000 loan  from money lender  Vankayalapati Adinarayana 14 years ago.  But he had failed to repay the loan. 

Hence, he had agreed to engage his minor daughter as a house maid instead of repaying his debt. Vankayalapati Adinarayana agreed for it. However, victim’s father died.  After that the accused sexually exploited her. When the victim exerted pressure on the money lender to marry her,  he married her secretly.

 The victim was working as a house maid even after marriage.  When the victim mounted pressure on him to have children, Adinarayana told victim that the doctors will conduct medical tests on her to check her health and took her to a hospital in Narasaropet where doctors administered sedatives and removed her uterus in order to avoid pregnancy.  

The accused Adinarayana felt that if the victim will be blessed with children there will be legal problems to his first wife and children. The victim recently went to a hospital for medical check-up, there the doctors informed that her uterus was already removed and she cannot conceive. When the doctors informed this, her dreams were shattered. 

She started quarrelling with money  lender and questioned him for removing her uterus. The accused Adiarayana started beating her and decided to eliminate her. Unable to bear his harassment, she informed the issue to his brothers in Vinukonda. 

Recently, the accused assaulted her suspecting fidelity. Unable to bear torture, she consumed rat poison to end life. Her brother admitted her to a hospital in Vinukonda for treatment. Since, then, the accused threatened to eliminate her and brothers.   Unable to bear his harassment, the victim lodged a complaint with Vinukonda police station against the accused. Based on the complaint lodged by the victim,   police arrested the accused and registered a case against him.