According to sources, Rajeev knew what would have happened to Sirisha at Kukunoorpally

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Hyderabad: Police on Monday disclosed that Vallabhaneni Rajeev Kumar intentionally took Sirisha to Kukunoorpally and that she was unaware of the true intentions of Rajeev and Sravan Kumar. 

Hours after they were taken into custody, Sirisha’s employer Rajeev Kumar is learnt to have told police that he wanted to get rid of Sirisha by not killing her but by taking help from Kukunoorpally Sub-Inspector P Prabhakar Reddy to threaten and make her stay away from him.

Rajeev is also said to have told police that he had no intention of marrying Tejaswini because his parents did not approve of the love affair. It is said Rajeev told police that Tejaswini met his mother and requested to approve their marriage proposal. But when his mother refused he decided to end his relationship with Tejaswini. 

During questioning on day one, Rajeev is said to have told police that he was unaware as to what Prabhakar Reddy exactly did to Sirisha but he had to slap her to stop her screams and loud noises since he was afraid of trouble after she began crying and shouting loudly in the police quarters. 

Meanwhile, police remained tight-lipped since one more day of questioning is left. Also, it was not known what Sravan had told police.