Honour killing claims man’s life

THE HANS INDIA |   Sep 13,2017 , 03:32 AM IST


Hyderabad: In a horrific honour killing, a 25-year-old man was bludgeoned to death allegedly his girlfriend’s brother under Mangalhat police station limits on Tuesday.

According to police, Amar, who hailed from Maharashtra, developed acquaintance with a girl, Kavita. But the girl’s family was not willing to allow her to have relation with the man. The couple eloped.

The family of the girl had traced them to Bengaluru and brought them back.

Girl’s brother Laxman, the police, took Amar to an isolated place and bludgeoned him to death. Laxman later surrendered to the police.

The police said Laxman had taken the help of a friend in murdering Amar.

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