Bowlers are ready, batsmen are ready and the pitch, too, is ready. But KCR government does not yet seem to be prepared to take the toss and start the match. The Pragati Nivedana Sabha held at Kongara Kalan amid much hype has left everyone more confused.

The fire in the speech of KCR, which is his trademark, seemed to be missing; may be, it is partly due to the response to the meeting. Also, the salient speech points were no different from what he had listed on the Independence Day.

KCR who was expected to speak for nearly two hours wound up his speech in less than an hour, throwing mixed signals with regard to early elections. On one hand, he said he had been authorised by party to take a decision on early polls and that soon a manifesto committee would be constituted, and that welfare and development would be the focus areas.

On the other hand, he said that six months before elections, i.e., in November, all houses would get protected water under Mission Bhagiratha. KCR had in the past said that unless every house got water he would not seek votes. What does this mean? Will he not go in for early polls? He has thus left everyone guessing.

Towards the end of speech, KCR lashed out at Congress for spreading rumours that TRS was doing Gulam giri to Delhi. He denied no such thing and vowed to toe the line of parties like DMK and AIADMK. If that is so, why did TRS fail to get the assurances given by the previous government in AP State Reorganisation Act implemented? Why did it not go against the Centre? Does it mean it will indulge in shadow boxing with BJP during next elections?  

He seems to be still weighing the pros and cons of dissolving Assembly. A final call on early polls is unlikely even at the next cabinet meet on September 6. The political funda is: if you cannot convince people, confuse them. He does seem to be in a mood to keep the opposition, particularly Congress, as well as people in a state of confusion, and go ahead with his plans including manifesto preparation.

He may be biding time till when he is 100 per cent sure that things would move in his favour. Or, maybe, he is still waiting for some kind of assurance from the Centre that the elections would be held along with four states – Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Mizoram. Without such an assurance, the early poll gamble could backfire.

It must be said mobilisation of crowds was just half of what TRS had aimed at. While he hurried through his speech, he did try to rake up the T sentiment, relating how T State became a reality due to his relentless pursuit and efforts.

Major part of speech dwelt on how he had conceived welfare schemes such as Kalyan Lakshmi, Rytu Bandhu and Rytu Bheema. Strangely, KTR shunned his vituperative style of attacking opponents in native dialect. Is it a new trend? Perhaps, he reserved his ammo for future use. 

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