Grand Parsi Bhonu feast

THE HANS INDIA |   Aug 18,2017 , 04:12 AM IST


SodaBottleOpenerWala organised Bhonu or the Parsi feast at its outlet to join-in the Parsi New Year celebrations.  The Bhonu has myriad flavours of the Parsi culture. 

The non-vegetarian Bhonu had a sweet and sour ‘Gajar Nu Achar’, ‘Saria-the Parsipapad’, ‘Salad Shirazi’, ‘Mithu Dahi’, ‘Fish Kebab’, ‘Mutton Pulav’, ‘Kachumbar’ and ‘Jardaloo Chicken’. The Vegetarian thali included ‘Beetroot Cutlet’, ‘Vegetable Pulav’, ‘Papeta Pattice’ and delectable Parsi ‘Vegetable Curry’.    

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