13 complaints received from people in Nizamabad Dial Your CP programm

THE HANS INDIA |   Mar 21,2017 , 01:57 AM IST

(File Image): Nizamabad SP Kartikaya,
(File Image): Nizamabad SP Kartikaya,
(File Image): Nizamabad SP Kartikaya,

Nizamabad:  The ‘Dial Your CP’ programme was held in the city from 10 AM to 11 PM on Monday and the Commissioner of Police Kartikaya personally received the phone calls from the aggrieved people and recorded their complaints. A total of 13 complaints were received from the people hailing from Armoor, Bodhan and Nizamabad.  

The Commissioner of Police instructed the officials of the concerned department to take appropriate action and redress the grievances of the public. He also enquired from the people whether the officials responded to them positively  when they made phone calls last week. He also pulled up some of the officials for their laxity.   

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