GHMC takes swift action
GHMC takes swift action

 Secunderabad: The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) Kapra I division demolished the construction of a gate by the Armed Forces Officers Cooperative Housing Society (AFOCHS) in Sainikpuri at 5th Cresant road on Friday. 

Responding to a report carried in The Hans India on Thursday regarding the tussle between Armed Forces Officers Cooperative Housing Society (AFOCHS) and Federation of Northeastern Colonies of Secunderabad (FNECS), the civic body carried out the demolition drive.

Residents of about 35 colonies around Sainikpuri, who use the roads, heaved a sigh of relief. Chandrashekar, a resident said, “The bringing down of the gate is a clear and loud message to the people of all colonies that no one can construct a road in the middle of a main road.”   

Officials from GHMC said that though the construction of the gate was illegal, there is no doubt that there are several problems in the area especially at two places- 5th Avenue Bakery and Coffee Cup where a number of youngsters’ cause inconvenience to residents. 

A retired Army officer, a resident of 2nd avenue said, “In most of the houses there are old couples who live all by themselves and in a majority of homes, the children are away in other cities and countries. They need peace and quiet.”

There is not enough police patrolling in the area. Not so long ago, Sainikpuri was known for its quaint surroundings, but in the last few years, the population increased, and the main thoroughfare is full of activity late into the night.

Gates still close at 10 pm
There are at least 15 colonies in Secunderabad where the gates are closed after 10 pm. When queried, the GHMC officials said that unless they receive complaints they would be unable to take action. Ravi Kishore, a resident of Goutham Nagar said, “It is a case of highhandedness. People just do not raise their voice and colony secretaries take advantage. Everyone wants to stay in exclusive zones a la gated community.”