Importance of internships for students
Importance of internships for students

In the present structure of education and work place, there is a humongous gap which is often filled by industrial exposure tours, and internships. Internships often allow the student to gain hands-on live experience of the field he/she is interested in making a career. Whatever the students are studying in a class, they will practically execute their learning in the filed during internships. There are very few colleges which encourage their students to take up internships during their summer break.

Education not merely means class room education, but also counts in the practical knowledge and hands-on experience one has acquired during the study of course. Hand-full of colleges allow their students for internships. As the trend of internships is booming these days, many colleges came forward to make it a mandatory competent in awarding the final degree. 

Educationalists and filed experts say that there is a dire need for the students to take up internships. It gives a clearer insight about the field, it will make them aware of hardships and gives them in-depth knowledge of in and out of a specific domain. Students will be able to make better decisions in terms of their career if internships are in practice. Students gain theoretical knowledge in any course, applying the same happens only in the professional world of employment/ work. How can one test their ability of workability and passion? Internship is the one stop solution for all the students.

Internships will enhance the skill of the students and polishes their analytical thinking ability, as it gives them a practical experience of work. More than the daily study and subject knowledge; the experience one attains during internships is more important. Internships give a wide scope to grab practical exposure and first-hand experience in the field one is interested to make a career.

Whom to approach for Internships? What is the best way?

There are numerous opportunities for the young and budding aspirants of a professional career. All it takes is a little awareness and knowledge on how one can get an internship. Deciding the field of interest and shortlisting a list of companies one would want to work is the primary task, and then all it takes is to contact the company, introducing oneself, sending the profile and waiting for a call. After a screening process of the profile, the companies would call the candidate for an interview or a one on one discussion with the HR executive or the Manager. There is no shortcut and this is the success mantra of internships.

Internships offer certificate which in deed will be useful in future when the students look for a job after their course in the college/ university. The goal of a student should not be the certificate but the experience and knowledge. Lot of companies do offer certificates in exchange of money, but, what is the use of a certificate which technically doesn’t certify you. Do not become a prey of the wicked and business-oriented agents who would assure an internship certificate and loot you. Applying via various internships ports or approaching companies directly is the best method. Often colleges also help their students find an internship with sharing contacts or a letter of recommendation.

BY Kalyan Raygalla