Giving a fresh lease of life

THE HANS INDIA |   Apr 05,2017 , 11:26 PM IST

Mahesh and Vandana Hiranandani
Mahesh and Vandana Hiranandani

Young FICCI Ladies Organisation (YFLO) on Wednesday organised an interactive ssession with Mahesh Hiranandani, managing director, Anatta Humanversity on the topic ‘Game of Emotions’ at The Park Hyatt. During the interactive session, Mahesh Hiranandani shared the solutions for drug addicts in India.

Anatta Humanversity established in 2003 works closely with Paracelsus Recovery Switzerland, the world’s premier provider of addiction treatment, treating only one client at a time in a very private and luxurious environment.  Paracelsus Recovery treats all addictions, eating disorders and any co-occurring psychiatric disorders. 

“In 90 per cent of the rehabilitation centres in India, the volunteers are forcing patients to take medicines. Some rehab centers also do not have proper facilities. Whereas in our ‘Anatta’ and ‘Kripa’ centres we give complete freedom to the patients and treat them like they have no problem.  

We work with them to make realise. We started these rehab centres in Pune 2003. We treat one client at a time so that their information will remain confidential,” said Mahesh Hiranandani.

He said that the duration of the course depends on the how big the problem is. He also said that any problem will be cured within six to 10 weeks. He informed that till now they cured more than 25o patients across India.  

“The Alternate Life Therapy (ALT) that we facilitate is based on a very client specific, voluntary and non-medical treatment. Maintaining confidentiality is our prime focus.

Being a residential treatment, the time, space and ambience available to the individual simply enable a person to dig deep within and find himself to a point where the need to use substances dissolves. We give treatment in three phases i.e. Detoxification, Counselling and Meditation,” he shared.

“Most of our clients are actors, politicians, businessmen, lawyers and more. Along with Kripa foundation, we are reaching more people in India. At present, we have only three centres in Pune and we also train people,” he concluded.

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