The farmers during on a training tour in Maharashtra
The farmers during on a training tour in Maharashtra

Mahbubnagar: A group of Tribal farmers from Mahbubnagar district visited Nasik in Maharashtra for one-week training programme in Horticulture crop cultivation. Sponsored by Department of Tribal Welfare in coordination with Horticulture Department, Amgoth Gopal, Amgoth Chander, Ratlavath Chitta from Mahbubnagar district were selected and visited Shiridi, Nasik and various other places in Mahrashtra and interacted with the farmers. 

While explaining about the training programme, Amgoth Chander of Shankarayapally village from Jadcherla mandal said the training programme was meant to create awareness among the poor tribal farmers interested in taking up Horticulture farming. “The Department of Tribal Welfare in coordination with Horticulture and ICRISAT have helped us create awareness on various aspects of horticulture farming during our six-day tour to Maharashtra. 

It has been a very much fruitful tour as we were told of various advanced techniques and methods as to how to form choose a crops, how to conduct soil testing and based on the soil acidity what kind of fertilisers and natural manures to be used were all explained. We were also told how to make vermin compost natural manure how to conserve the rain water. 

Apart from that we are also told the importance of Farm Ponds, using the farm ponds we can produce more with less water. In Hyderabad we were also given training by ICRISAT scientists as to what kind of crops can be grown in arid areas and how to make maximum out of minimum resources,” explained Amgoth Chander. 

Tribal Welfare Officer Dilipkumar from Mahbubnagar said this tour is being sponsored in coordination with the Horticulture Department and its main objective is to provide awareness and training to the poor tribal farmers on the advanced farming techniques. The entire tour costs and boarding and lodging and food for the visiting team is born by the government. In all, there were 24 members form entire Telangana State who were given the free training programme.