Hyderabad Metro Rail was a challenging project: NVS Reddy
Hyderabad Metro Rail was a challenging project: NVS Reddy

Hyderabad: Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited (HMRL) Managing Director N.V.S. Reddy addressed the probationers of All India and Central Services at Dr.MCR HRD Institute of Telangana here on Tuesday. 

Making a power point presentation, he explained various engineering and financial innovations done in the Hyderabad Metro Rail project, which is the world’s largest Metro Rail project in public private partnership (PPP). 

Speaking on the intricacies and challenges involved in building huge urban projects in Indian cities, NVS Reddy explained how innovative engineering solutions helped resolving several complex issues and gained support from the denizens of the city. He also advised them to broaden their horizon by extensive reading and develop different skill sets apart from the domain knowledge and grow as multifaceted leaders to build mega projects and make a difference to the ordinary people of this country. 

NVS Reddy emphasized on the need for patient persuasion to ensure completion of such a mega and complex project and explained the Civil Service trainees as to how it turned to be a win-win situation for all the stakeholders and the Government. Dwelling upon the character and attributes of extraordinary leaders who made a difference to the world, he stressed on the need for vision, strategy, tact, hard work, patience and perseverance in handling challenges and how to motivate and inspire the team members to execute such tough projects, especially when the chips are down. Identifying the employees’ potential and empowering them is a key component for achieving success, he added. 

The HMRL MD also explained the participants that street level urban rejuvenation works are being done by HMRL at all the Metro stations in the 30 km stretch of Miyapur-Ameerpet-Nagole, which was recently inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, with the large scale removal of encroachments and numerous other hurdles. He emphasized that Hyderabad Metro Rail is not a simple transportation project but is being used as an opportunity to transform an Indian city into a people friendly green city. 

He also highlighted the key features of the project like integration with other modes of transportation, smart ticketing, seamless travel facility, creation of pedestrian facilities like sidewalks & street furniture and introduction of non polluting feeder services like bicycles and battery operated mini buses. He further added that HMR project will provide special facilities for women, children, differently abled and senior citizens. 

Special Chief Secretary, Planning & Director General Dr.MCR HRD Institute B.P. Acharya, Course Coordinator Anita Balakrishnan, Addl. DG B. Venkateshwar Rao, Associate Professor of Law Dr. R. Madhavi and other Civil Service trainees from across the country participated in the program.