Time to Glow Up this New Years !
Time to Glow Up this New Years !

Makeup goals haven't changed over the generations. We still want to look natural and fabulous, but not like we're trying too hard. 

if you are on instagram, then it's likely you've heard about beauty elixirs. Often used by makeup mavens as primer it dropped directly into the makeup itself, a few drops of this magic product is enough to give you that dewy glow. 

Elixirs primarily thin out the texture of your base. The oils allows the makeup to blend better in the skin and ensures that it doesn't transfer. Elixirs also work as activators, enabling you to get the maximum colour payoff from your eyeshadow and lip colours.

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the pursuit of perfect pout had been a bit of an obsession for this generation. Right from lip contouring to over lining, there has been a host of tried and tested methods to get that luscious pout, without going under the knife. Cosmetic lip plumpers are all of that rage. The device plumper acts as a vacuum plumping up your lips. 


nail extensions have become huge in the past few years and they aren't going anywhere anytime soon. The paste that forms the nail is made from a dry powder that is activated using acrylic liquid. With the help if a nail form which acts as a nail length chart, you can mould the mixture along the surface of your nail and extend it further to create a longer tip. 

Acrylic nails set almost instantly upon application, as opposed to get nails which require a UV  light. Once the acrylic mixture hardens the nails are buffed and smoothened and are ready for a coat of pint. Acrylic nails can be moulded to create a variety of shapes and styles. Allowing you to experiment endlessly.

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These fibre heavy brushes help buff out the skin and apply any product on seamlessly, blending it to look smooth and almost like a second skin. The density and texture of these brushes allow it to work with both liquids and powders. They are available in a whole range sizes, making them a multifunctional must have.