Uber Cool Hair Dyes Turn Toxic
Uber Cool Hair Dyes Turn Toxic

Funky hair dyes which look very trendy and cool, but experts seem to be strictly against them. They say that the dyes could pose severe health risks. 

You are casually scrolling through your Facebook feed and something magnificent catches your eye. A women with a head full of shifting rainbows for is running a blow dryer over it and parts of her changing from royal purple to bright pink or from vibrant green to lemon yellow. 

And before you know it, you are glued to the screen! You start looking for more of these videos l, imagining how amazing it would look on you. Videos of people experimenting with this new hair dye which changes colour with a rise or fall in temperature are all over the internet. While it looks stunning, salon professionals as well as dermatologists seem to strictly recommend against it. 

A senior consultant from Oliva skin and hair clinic says, the company it self is less toxic so it is definitely toxic to some extent. With just one application it may not do much damage but those who colour their hair, usually have to keep doing it repeatedly. So in the long term, it may not be good at all.

 Minor absorption through skin is always possible, even with regular hair dyes.  When a person washes their hair, the dye comes on to their bodies and skin and as a dermatologist we have had so many cases of pigmentation problems due to hair colour she added.