Fast Glam- Take A Beauty Breather
Fast Glam- Take A Beauty Breather

Just like any LTR, a little time away from a beauty treatment can make things even better. Try taking a break from ...


since extensions are so close to the scalp, it’s tough to thoroughly cleanse it. This causes build up and lack of follicle stimulation which can prevent healthy hair growth. Also, the added weight can lead to thinning and breakage.

WHEN TO DO IT every two to three applications more often for fine hair, less often for coarser hair . Try staying natural for a week.

get a trim! Nixing splits is easier sans extensions. Shampoo every other day massage that scalp , and use oil based masks which are discouraged when extensions are in as they loosen the glue. 


Even the most careful technique can lead to a brittle or sparse natural fringe. Blame the weight of faux hairs plus heavy duty adhesives that fuse semi permanent extensions for a month.

WHEN TO DO IT every three applications, take a month off. That’s about as a long as your lash growth cycle. 

DURING THE BREAK use a strengthening serum. Which will nourish the lashes with vitamins and prevents breakage with peptides. Going out? Layer a fibre packed primer under mascara to create a fuller longer, faux lash look.


The gel isn’t the problem it’s the removal process even when done by a pro. It lifts layers, weakening nails over time.

WHEN TO DO IT after your third gel mani, take a two week break.

DURING THE BREAK use a strengthening treatment with extra moisturising. Which infuses nails with its natural base keratin and keep jagged edges in check they can sag and break.

.... MAKE UP

If your face is bare when you hit the sack aka, when your body is in skin repair model, you’re in good shape. But taking a day off gives you time to use masks or peels to speed up cell turnover, which reveals a fresher face.

WHEN TO DO IT once a week, for atleast four hours. That way, skin reaps the treatment benefits without interference.

DURING THE BREAK cleanse with a power brush to ensure pores are clean and free of dead skin. Then alternate between a peel and a mask every other week.