Recognizing Depression
Recognizing Depression

You may be suffering from major depression if you have five or more of the following nine symptoms nearly everyday for two weeks. Having two or four symptoms over two weeks may indicate minor depression: 

1)    depressed mood 
2)    Loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed 
3)    Weight loss or gain; poor appetite or increased desire to eat.
4)    Trouble sleeping or sleeping to much. 
5)    Fatigue or loss of energy.
6)    Feelings of worthlessness, guilt, or helplessness
7)    Physical symptoms if restlessness or being physically slowed down
8)    Trouble thinking, concentrating, or making decisions. 
9)    Thoughts of death or suicide 

Also look for these less typical depression symptoms: 

Stomachaches, headaches, and other physical symptoms
Not wanting to eat, drink, or take your medicine.
Withdrawal from friends and family 
Trouble keeping up with personal hygiene or other self care tasks.
Using alcohol or sedatives to relieve your sadness.

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