Why are good songs not coming these days?

By Vyas | THE HANS INDIA |   Jul 12,2018 , 03:22 PM IST

Why are good songs not coming these days?
 Time was when music decided whether a film would be a hit or failure. There were films that ran to packed house only because of the songs. Can you imagine Geethanjali of Nagarjuna without its super hit songs? Can you think of all-time great movie Sankarabharanam without the songs? What about Sagara Sangamam? It cannot be imagined without it’s famed songs. 

When Illayaraja was around, one talked only about his music and not the films, its story and the taking. His company Echo minted money with the lilting numbers and the heart-touching background music. After AR Rehaman’s advent, all-time musical hits like Roja, Prema Desam, Gentleman, Bombai and Bharatiyudu happened. These songs are remembered even now. The platinum disc functions in those days were genuine and the CDs sold like hot cakes.

But, all that is a thing of past now. Today’s music directors are churning out tune after tune with under unconcern for the musical quality. Hence the film songs come and go as soon as they come. Two years later, one cannot even identify the film to which the song belongs to. With the advent of smart phones, there are options galore to access music. One need not by a CD anymore.

These days, the music directors are just doling out music without soul. No one is bothered about whether the song has managed to create an emotion. This year, not a single memorable song has been churned out so far and it’s already seven months.  Even music directors with over 50 films under their belt are finding it difficult to compose at least one good song per season. 

As of now, we have just DSP and Thaman to churn out classy fare. Even music directors like Anup Rubens are doling out insipid fare. This year, only Rangasthalam managed to get some decent numbers. Even Naa Peru Surya music fizzled out. If the same trend goes on, then we may have to go back to old albums of  music directors like Illayaraja, Manisharma, Keeravani and Raj Koti.

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