Women Entrepreneurs to get a boost at Invest Karnataka 2016

THE HANS INDIA |   Jan 20,2016 , 10:28 AM IST

Bengaluru: The State Government’s flagship Global Investors Meet, scheduled between February 3rd and February 5th, 2016, will see the first focused session on the way forward for women entrepreneurs in the country, and give them the center stage platform for B2B connect and networking.  As an outcome of the letter of intent signed between sisters cities Bengaluru and San Francisco recently, a delegation of women entrepreneurs from San Francisco is expected to participate in Invest Karnataka 2016. 

There be will Technical sessions, thematic sessions, the country session on various important subjects along with an exhibition for 3 days at Invest Karnataka 2016. The Thematic session on “Promoting Women Entrepreneurship in Karnataka” will be held on 4th February between 11 AM and 12.30PM. There is also an industrial exhibition in which women entrepreneurs are requested to participate in a befitting way and garner the benefits of all events.

Additional Chief Secretary to Government, Department of Commerce and Industries, Smt. K. Ratna Prabha held a meeting today with various women associations to discuss the thematic session and initiate preparations of Invest Karnataka 2016.

At the discussion, she highlighted that women entrepreneurs in Karnataka are highly talented, hard working and forward looking in their endeavors. They perform much better even in most advanced technologies like IT / BT, Tourism, Textiles, Aerospace and a few similar area of investments. Trying to reach the nook and corner of this State and encourage women entrepreneurs, the state is slowly but surely moving away from Bengaluru and giving impetus to tier-II and tier-III cities.

Mentioned below are Government of Karnataka’s Initiatives to promote women entrepreneurs in the state:

  • Two exclusive industrial areas for women entrepreneurs in Hubli – Dharwad and Harohalli 
  • Reserve 5% of Plots and sheds in Industrial Areas and Estates for women entrepreneurs.
  • Exclusive Textiles and Gem & Jewellery cluster to be established exclusively for women entrepreneurs.
  • Additional incentives and concessions are offered to women entrepreneurs.
In Karnataka, as part of efforts to encourage women entrepreneurs, the Government has given a fresh look and given the much lacking impetus to women entrepreneurs through our Industrial Policy 2014-19.and has dedicated an exclusive chapter for women entrepreneurs. Apart from a host of incentives and concessions, women entrepreneurs will also be given an investment promotion subsidy based on the size of their units.

Sl No


Hyderabad Karnataka Area

Other Than Hyderabad Karnataka Area


Micro Enterprises

Rs 18 to 22 lakhs

Rs 8 to 20 lakhs


Small Enterprises

Rs 45 to 55 lakhs

Rs 10 to 50 lakhs


Medium Enterprises

Rs 55 to 65 lakhs

Rs 20 to 60 lakhs









The challenges which women entrepreneurs face was discussed for the first time on a common platform in Karnataka on the occasion of the “Women Entrepreneurship Day” and a framework document called the “Way Forward” was prepared to address the issues which women faced in setting up their own businesses.

The State is making serious endeavors by streamlining policies, systems, and processes in creating such an environment where women entrepreneurship can thrive against all odds. And as a key to this, Additional Chief Secretary to Government, Department of Commerce and Industries, Smt. K. Ratna Prabha is confident that “Invest Karnataka 2016”, will be the ideal platform to continue to engage with key stakeholders and refine the process for greater power to women.

While the age-old adage says that there is a woman behind every successful man, she intends to replicate the same by stating, behind every successful women entrepreneur, there is Karnataka

About 'Invest Karnataka' 

'Invest Karnataka' is the Global Investors Meet, where investors from various parts of the world come together and are showcased the competitive strengths, investment opportunities, avenues of collaboration, and investment facilitation mechanisms available in the State of Karnataka. The proposed global meet has already fetched a lot of curiosity in the investor community this year. The Logo and website for ‘Invest Karnataka 2016’ were unveiled at the curtain raiser event in Bengaluru. Multiple B2B meetings, events, and roadshows have been organized to build anticipation and create greater interest towards the meet and set the tone of “Invest Karnataka 2016”, which promises to present an exemplary state to potential investors.