Electrician rapes a 6 year old inside the Delhi govt school
Electrician rapes a 6 year old inside the Delhi govt school

NEW DELHI: An electrician raped a six year old, who is studying in class 2 at a government school in Delhi, inside pump room.

On Thursday, he was arrested after the girl identified him in an investigation where all the employees of the school were lined up. On August 8, when the girl was leaving for home the accuses stopped her and took her inside a pump room in the school premises and raped her. He also warned her not to tell about this to anyone.

Later when she reached home, her mother observed that she was bleeding and took her to a hospital. The doctor then confirmed that she was raped. FIR was filed after the girl’s parents lodged a complaint. She told that the accused was wearing a red T- shirt.

Ram Asre (37), the accused, has been working in the school for a month and is a permanent electrician employed with the NDMC(New Delhi Municipal Council). The police said that he will be produced before the law on Friday.

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