Who gets what from the merger of OPS and EPS and the story of a monkey and two cats?

THE HANS INDIA |   Apr 20,2017 , 11:34 AM IST

Panneerselvam, Palanisamy
Panneerselvam, Palanisamy

The tactical removal of Sasikala family from AIADMK by EPS however heartless it may appears has come as masterstroke at the time where EPS faction was moving from worse to worst. Although people of Tamil Nadu are extremely happy with such decision but are equally also doubtful of EPS group with reference to its true intent. Many believe that perhaps EPS group would come to a stage where no more juice is available in the sugar cane of the family and hence have decided to spit out the bagasse. Although the decision deserve appreciation simultaneously it is quite unfortunate for the family. They would have been wise much before.

People may not easily accept the image makeover of EPS over OPS because the respect and credibility enjoyed by OPS is unique because he has displayed very consistent and stable stand from the beginning.   

EPS faction merging with OPS only will give an edge for EPS and not the other way. The question is who gets what from such merger one has to wait for sometime. People strongly believe that OPS must get the best bet because he has only saved AIADMK and he alone can save the party symbol as well. The EPS faction has acted only after it had totally impoverished, hopeless and helpless but OPS has done it even when he had only a handful of MLA’s support.  Even today the EPS faction has made such heartless decision only to save their power and position and nothing else, many argue.  

The point is not about EPS or OPS is good but people want OPS must be given either the Chief Minister post or must be made General Secretary of the party. Similarly Mafoi Pandiarajan who served as credible and respectable forward for OPS faction must get cabinet berth, some argue. Certainly all those who made the noise for the first time like Mr. PH Pandian also must be respected significantly.  

AIADMK since its creation is a single dominant leader centric party therefore collective leadership or formation of a committee to administer may not work well for the party. If the party administration is divided into the hands of two separate leaders, certainly it will do well for the party. Party leadership and the post of Chief Minister should be with two separate leaders so that both factions will respect, adjust and accommodate the other faction easily. Both the post of CM and General Secretary of the party should not be with same person because unfortunately AIADMK does not have any charismatic leader like MGR or AMMA. Even if they try to create such leader out of either EPS or OPS, people may not accept them because both of them do not have an iota of leadership qualities or stature of Amma nor the vision or mesmerizing oration skill. 

If EPS really wants to prove something better to people, he must act against the popular perception. All those who are in the Ministry under the scanner of ED/IT investigation must be kept out of power to send a clear message to people of Tamil Nadu and that would diffuse the popular perception.  

In every sense, the merger should not be done like the story of a monkey and two cats where cats get none but the monkey get everything it want at ease. Such sour feeling may remain as thorn in the flesh of the party and may again manifest during election.  

People want the settlement should be fair, done deal and not quibbling or complain thereafter. If the two factions continue their fight again it would harm AIADMK and would meet the similar fate of Samajwadi party in UP.  

Also the present AIADMK regime must rejuvenate the cadre and must align with Modiji to develop the state.  

AIADMK should never fall victim to drawidian brand politics of opposing Hindi or harping on language or regional supremacy. People want development and employment opportunity.   The administration must be reasonably corruption free. People also feel that most of the MLA’s of all parties would have earned enough for their lifetime and hence must work for developing the state, hereafter.  

Hope Amma’s legacy will continue not for now, but forever. Any day, OPS will be an asset and crown to the party therefore heeds to his demands as far as possible and make AIADMK very strong and formidable force in Tamil Nadu.  

Dr S Ranganathan