OPS and EPS have written the fortune of AIADMK for 100 years!!!

THE HANS INDIA |   Sep 13,2017 , 09:36 AM IST

Panneerselvam, Palaniswamy
Panneerselvam, Palaniswamy

The recent general body meeting of AIADMK called by the two factions of AIADMK - EPS and OPS appears to have scripted a wonderful fortune and clear future path for AIADMK. The drawidian parties have ever since formed have been following single leadership and the power to take all decisions is always rested with the single leader.  

After the demise of Amma, AIADMK has suffered not only great leadership gap but also was getting crushed under different rocks of a family. As a result, the party was clueless and confused however none of the cadres have shifted the ship or have changed their inborn ideological cord. None of the cadre had forgotten the great ideal and value systems of Amma to oppose and eliminate DMK politically from Tamil Nadu.  

The recent developments fomented by the two factions of AIADMK such of EPS and OPS clearly indicate that the vision of Amma in ensuring the rule of AIADMK to another 100 years is not impossible. Decision of the united AIADMK to keep Amma as permanent General Secretary of the party has come as celebration and joy to all cadres as the party hereafter also shall move only around Amma and Amma will not be part of the history of AIADMK but her soul shall remain as inspiration and guiding spirit of the party.   

The united AIADMK also has recognized the importance of collective leadership rather than being revolved around a single leader and allow great leadership void to occur in future in the event of demise of the single leader.  

Most of the political parties in India follow the rule of dynasty / single family dictatorship. BJP is the only national party which follows merit based elevation of leadership and that is how Modij has come as great gift of BJP to our nation.    

Today the united AIADMK will be guided and inspired by collective leadership tenets of EPS and OPS. It means, the party is going to fall perfectly onto the rail of democracy and meritocracy rather than the charm and dictatorship of the single leader. Fortunately MGR and Amma could hold such charm and unadulterated love and support of people but today no leader in AIADMK has such leadership charm like that of Amma or MGR. The factions have recognized this lacuna and have come up the wonderful plan of collective leadership.  

Although the democratic process may initially cause some small ripples but soon will settle because only through democracy any political party or ideology can survive for long and not through dynasty or family rule. Although MGR and Amma could remain as supreme power centre in the party but they have never inculcated dynasty or family rule.  

Both EPS and OPS must quickly reach out to people and cadres to infuse their confidence and morale. Every Minister and the legislature in the party must focus on reaching out to people at large and the cadres to ensure Amma legacy is back again. The collective leadership in AIADMK will certainly bring merit, discipline and democratic principles.  Certainly the collective leadership also would bring multiple brains in decision making.  The multiple brains will certainly ensure checks and balances and every issue being discussed and understood through different angles before final decision is taken.  

Certainly the united AIADMK need the support of the centre to administer the state effectively and the temperament shown by both EPS and OPS is quite positive and wants to co-operate with the centre and not confront.  

Although the internal squabble in AIADMK has not affected the governance adversely but has affected the morale of people of the state. The political turmoil created by the opposition parties has dampened the growth and development of the state more significantly than the war within AIADMK.  

Considering the damage caused by the war from within the AIADMK party, every legislature in the party must recognize the truth that they can go back to people only after making significant differences in the state otherwise they may be vanquished from Tamil Nadu politics forever. So they must stop fighting and must function for the state under the collective leadership of OPS and EPS. Once they started to perform and invoke the true values and essence of Amma legacy, history will not only forgive them but also will forget every unfortunate events of the past.  

Any AIADMK legislature if desires to pull down the Government will amount to self immolation/self destruction. No family can rescue them after words because people of Tamil Nadu are sick and tired of family politics and dy-nasty.   

S Ranganathan

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