What comes around goes around…
What comes around goes around…

Our actions always set in motion an equal and opposite flow

When we spread good vibes during the day, we feel great at day's close. If you smile at someone, what are the chances that they will smile back at you, even if they don't know you? If you take a moment out of your routine to ring a friend in hospital or help an elderly person load their car with groceries, positive vibes of their gratitude will reach you.

When we feel grumpy, the same principle applies. How we feel about ourselves, our looks, our opportunities will reverberate again and again and again. Until we change the tune!

The boomerang of anger
If we hurt someone, we will have to face the consequence at some point; rarely right now. However tempting it might be to strike someone for their misdeed or punish a mischievous child with force, repercussions will emerge later in life. To lash out in anger or retribution sets in motion an energetic boomerang that will return. 

Seeing ahead in the moment, foreseeing consequence and acting on it, signals the beginning of wisdom and healthy self-regard.

To fully participate in life is to become fully awake to the reality that each action has an effect. Every movement counts. Each thought rebounds. In contemplation, we witness how each act sets off ‘waves' that will strike some distant ‘shore' and reverberate back into our life.

Move on       
Do you carry sad memories, holding them like a security blanket? When life had the good sense to ‘move on', why didn't you?

Stepping forward and leaving the past behind does not mean that you diminish the significance of past challenges and losses - things did happen. But now move on. A change of melody will change how you feel.

Behind the scenes
The world is an echo chamber. Everything we hear is an echo of our own voice bouncing back onto our eardrums. Each movement and event is a rebound from the past. Everything.

Our universe is a hall of mirrors; each moment a reflection of an earlier scene or interaction; each love, a reflection of self-respect. Which means, of course, that each moment is a unique opportunity to avoid doing anything that will bring us future pain and, instead, sow a seed that will bring us the sweetest of fruits.


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