TS Chess Teams

THE HANS INDIA |   Jul 12,2018 , 03:08 AM IST

TS Chess Teams
TS Chess Teams

Hyderabad: Jahnavi Srilalitha Reddy and Sevitha Viju tied for the first place with 5.5 points from six rounds in the girls category of Telangana State Under-11 Girls chess championship. 

Jahnavi clinched the issue in the tie-break decider. Nethra Chandupatla (5) and Nagalaxmi Seelam (4.5) took the third and fourth spots. 

These four will represent Telangana State in the National Under-11 tourney, which will begin at Karaikudi in  Tamil Nadu on July 28.  

Prraneeth Vuppala and Chidvilas Sai make the boys team.

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