Ice, ice baby!
Ice, ice baby!

Ice cubes are capable of much more than cooling your drinks. They can be one of your best companions for skin care like pimples, skin inflammation, sunburns, etc.

An ice cube is the most underrated product in the beauty industry probably because it’s easy to make and is extremely versatile. Best of all, it is practically free.

Ice cubes work like magic for skin radiance no matter what your skin condition is. It reduces redness and swelling and numbs the pain. They can be used in a lot of ways to solve your beauty woes. From soothing sunburn to being a glow-getter. 

We all know about the benefits of water for beauty, but it is surprising to know that frozen water, i.e. ice, has many uses in beauty care.
Here are ways you can use ice cubes in your beauty routine.

Ice cubes have an immediate cooling effect. It helps to shrink the pores and even stops sweating for a while. Yes, rubbing ice on the skin does have benefits, but one should remember not to apply ice directly to the skin because it can damage the capillaries. 

Wrap ice cubes in a clean cloth and then apply it on the face gently, for a few seconds at a time. This should be done after cleansing. It can refresh the skin and even add a glow.

To make your foundation last during the hot and humid season, first, cleanse the skin and then apply an astringent toner, using cotton wool. After a few minutes, wrap an ice cube in a clean cloth and apply it on the skin, for a few seconds at a time. 

This helps to close the pores. Or soak cotton wool pads in water with ice cubes and give the skin a cold compress. This also helps to close the pores and add a glow.

If there is an injury with swelling, we have heard how an ice pack reduces the inflammation and relieves pain. The same principle can be applied to reduce puffy eyes. Again wrap the ice cube in a clean cloth and apply under the eyes for a few seconds at a time. 

The skin under the eyes is very thin and this can result in broken capillaries if you apply the ice for longer periods. After threading or even waxing, ice applications do help. Very often the skin becomes reddish and slightly inflamed after threading. 

This can be relieved by applying ice, wrapped in a clean napkin or in cotton wool. The same can be done after tweezing your eyebrows at home. Ice can also be applied after waxing to reduce redness and inflammation.

Ice applications are also helpful in dealing with acne conditions. If acne eruptions look red and inflamed, ice would help the condition to subside. 

In fact, it would help to close the pores and even avoid acne. If you are in a rush and have no time to put on makeup, rubbing a few cubes of ice, wrapped in a clean cloth, can close the pores, add a glow and refresh the skin.

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