Introduction to IDfy a Start-up in Technology space

THE HANS INDIA |   Jun 07,2016 , 08:14 PM IST


IDfy is India’s leading ‘integrated people decisioning platform’ providing end-to end HR solutions by  leveraging predictive analytics, cloud-based technology and automation within the shortest  turnaround time assisting companies to take informed business decisions. Started by Mr. Ashok  Hariharan in 2011, as a background verification company, IDfy has now emerged as a decisioning  platform managing the whole HR cycle right from talent acquisition to career growth analytics of an  individual.

IDfy provides deep media search and natural language processing to create credible and  authenticated profiles that can be used in varied situations, such as recruitment, matrimonial,  tenancy, market demographic analysis decisions, etc. Their product line has been used for other  purposes such as K.Y.C., customer analytics, vendor and merchant verification, and marketing  insights. List of clients include Vodafone, Uber, Mahindra Group, Teamlease, among many others.

“To date the company has created more than 1,50,000 profiles and has operational coverage across the nation”. IDfy’s suite of service offerings includes:

• People authentication –provide useful data and insightful analytics that enable confident decision making about people
• People Analytics – identify the best fit through behavioural analysis
• H.R. Analytics - attrition modelling and career growth modelling
• Customer Analytics – provide predictive analytics and trends through deep people data analysis

IDfy has been awarded the “Best Background Service Provider” at the World HRD Congress 2016.  The company is an ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 Certified and is empanelled with National Skills Registry,  an initiative of NASSCOM.

IDfy raised its first round of funding, to the tune of about Rs.1.4 Crores, from Blume Ventures and a  few angels in 2012. We then raised Series A funding to the extent of Rs.18 crores in April 2015 from  NEA, Beenos, and Blume.

Ashok Hariharan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Ashok has eleven years’ experience in the technology  industry. He successfully started Gaboli, where he  still holds a board position. Prior to Gaboli, Ashok  worked at British Telecom in the strategy team,  looking at operations, financial, as well as product  development strategies. He has also consulted with  many start-ups and large companies on operations  and marketing strategies. He has an M.B.A. from ISB  Hyderabad and B.E. from University of Pennsylvania. In his free time,  Ashok likes to travel and scuba dive. His new-found passion is  photography and he hopes to become better at it.

Wriju Ray, Chief Operating Officer
Wriju has held senior positions in sales, strategy, and  product management at Oracle and British Telecom. He  has an M.B.A. from INSEAD. He has worked in the U.K.,  North America, and AMEA. In his last role, he was  Director of BT for Life Sciences and managed P&L,  Product, and In-Life operations. Wriju is an art lover, a  jazz enthusiast, and a major foodie.

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