Users mock Twitter's latest redesign

THE HANS INDIA |   Jun 19,2017 , 05:42 AM IST


Several memes were out to mock the new Twitter look and feel after the micro-blogging platform unveiled the latest designs to its website and app. As part of the redesign, profile icons are now round instead of square and the reply icon is reflected by a chat bubble.

"Some people poked fun at some of the changes, while others lamented the update's lack of an edit tweet button," the BBC reported. Likes and retweets are now shown in real time in the app.

"Twitter's latest round update is clearly a war on Minecraft players everywhere," tweeted a Minecraft employee in reference to the block-based game.

Coming to Twitter's defence, one user said it was at least positive that they hadn't introduced 'Stories'. The "Stories" feature refers to a feed of videos and pictures in the top strip of apps like Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. 

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