Senior cop shields Nayeem’s aide?

THE HANS INDIA |   Jan 12,2017 , 03:24 AM IST

According to highly placed sources, a senior police official has been using former outlaw Seshanna to access the huge gold reserve that the slain gangster hid at many places 


Hyderabad: Former Naxalite Seshanna, now widely believed to have helped Telangana police in carrying out a covert operation to eliminate Maoist-turned-gangster Nayeemuddin, is said to be under the protection of a senior police officer.

The officer is popular in the department as the de facto boss of the State police and close to the powers that be, a senior police official told The Hans India.

It may be recalled that the gangster was killed in an alleged police encounter in Mahbubnagar in August 2016. Since then, police claim that Seshanna is on the run.

However, sources said Seshanna, the right hand man of Nayeem, acted on the instructions of the de facto police boss and facilitated the covert operation to eliminate the gangster in Mahbubnagar district.

The sources also said that Seshanna had the complete information of Nayeem’s dens across the country and he was being used to dig them up because it was believed that huge amount of gold reserves were hidden in those dens.

A few trusted men of the de facto boss are carefully working on the leads provided by Seshanna to lay their hands on the gold reserves. 

Ones found, the gold reserves will fill the coffers of the de facto boss and his political patrons, the senior police official said.

But Seshanna appears to be repenting his decision to help the covert operation because he himself is not safe now. 

The de facto boss and his political patrons might do away with the former Naxalite after he gave away all the information related to Nayeem’s gold reserves, 

the police official said adding that after all, Seshanna was a traitor and posed serious threat to the de facto boss and his political patrons if he lived long.