OGH gives new lease of life to Afghan boy

THE HANS INDIA |   Mar 21,2017 , 05:01 AM IST

Addul Qahar at OGH on Monday
Addul Qahar at OGH on Monday

Hyderabad: An 18-year-old boy from Afghanistan, who was unable to stand on his own, is now able to walk with the help of crutches all because of the treatment he received at Osmania General Hospital.  The boy, Addul Qahar, was struck by a bullet during a skirmish between extremists and security forces two years ago.

The bullet pierced his pelvis from the right and ripped through his bladder before shattering his hip bone. Though he was operated twice in Afghanistan his condition did not improve. He was brought to OGH and is at the hospital since January.

Abdul Qahar is now able to walk slowly with the help of crutches. He is almost ready to go back home but doctors at OGH say that he would be kept here for some more time till he gains more strength.  OGH superintendent G V Murthy said that his condition improved by leaps and he should be fine in the coming days.