State Central Library set for digital makeove

By T P Venu | THE HANS INDIA |   Mar 21,2017 , 04:55 AM IST

(File Image): State Central Library
(File Image): State Central Library

Hyderabad: There is a rare buzz at the 1891 constructed State Central Library these days. The staff has a spring in their step as the library has been selected as one among the 35 libraries across India that would be upgraded and ultimately merge with a national virtual library to serve and facilitate a comprehensive database on India and information generated in India in an open access environment on digital resources.

The first instalment of Rs 15 lakh was received recently which is being spent to purchase of computers, copiers and install CCTVs. The National Mission on Libraries (NML) aims to upgrade libraries with internet and Wi-Fi facilities and share digital books and catalogues. 

Speaking to The Hans India, Chief Librarian of State Central Library M Alivelu said, “In the first phase upgradation of infrastructure is given importance and later, the digitalisation and features pertaining to virtual library would be taken up.”

Most of the books that are ordered are on the basis of suggestions from the readers as part of the ‘On Demand Books.’ A number of readers suggest titles in the On Demand Books register. On an average 700-1,000 people mostly students visit the library daily.

The State government gives Rs 30,000 a year for the procurement of books, but under the NML the library has already placed orders for books worth Rs 3 lakh. G Hari Shankar, Assistant Librarian, State Central Library said, “In the next phase digitalisation would be taken up of rare books and old newspapers that do not attract copyright.” Presently, as part of the Universal Digital Library project, as many as 32,000 books have been already scanned.    

Under the NML project, the libraries need to set up an audio-visual corner that could be helpful even for uneducated who could gain knowledge on agriculture, animal husbandry, alternative medicine and other issues. 

Presently, there is a projector and space for an audio-visual corner which would be upgraded, said officials. Under the NML, 35 State Central Libraries and 35 district libraries would be developed as model libraries. In addition, 629 district libraries across all states would be provided network connectivity.

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