Swachh Bharat & Haritha Haram like two eyes to society

THE HANS INDIA |   Oct 13,2017 , 01:50 AM IST


Mahabubabad: The sustenance of mankind is possible with the existence of more number of plants and trees, observed District Collector Dr Preethi Meena.

She, along with Padma Sri awardee Vanajeevi Dharapalli Ramaiah and Municipal Chairperson Dr Bhukya Uma, in a rally organised to create awareness on biodiversity among the students, here on Thursday. The rally took off from Kakatiya Colony and continued to Dharmanna Colony in which Biodiversity Committee members participated.

Speaking at a meeting organised at Kasturba Gandhi High School, the Collector said that students must concentrate on studies to reach higher positions along with protecting the environment by taking Vanajeevi Ramaiah as inspiration, who strived hard and planted crores of saplings to protect the environment and received the prestigious award Padma Sri.

She appreciated the efforts of Biodiversity members for taking initiation of planting of about 500 saplings along with arranging tree guards for protecting them.

Padma Sri Vanajeevi Ramaiah said that it is everyone’s responsibility to protect the environment, which is highly polluted by the human activities. Implementing of Swachh Bharath and planting of saplings are the two important programmes and are like two eyes to the society.

It is a good sign that the Telangana government took the initiation for increasing the green cover up to 33 per cent with the implementation of Haritha Haram programme across the State. Plants and trees are the main source, which purifies air and makes humans’ living possible.

Every planted sapling is a step towards the development of the State and the nation, he observed.To prevent global warming and depletion of Ozone layer the only thing the mankind can do is to plant many number of saplings, he added. Later, the representatives of Vasavi Club felicitated Padma Sri Dharipalli Ramaiah and his wife Janamma.

District Superintendent of Police Koti Reddy, Municipal Chairperson Uma, representatives of Biodiversity committee Eda Saraiah, and Dyva Venkanna, Mandal Education Officer Vivekananda and KGBV Principal were present along with others.

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