TRS likely to launch another round of Operation Akarsh

THE HANS INDIA |   Oct 13,2017 , 02:53 AM IST


Hyderabad: The TRS meeting in Nalgonda is likely to mark the beginning of another round of operation ‘Akarsh’ and this time the efforts will be on wooing some of the important leaders from Congress and TDP.

According to sources, the TRS President and Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao is of the opinion that if some of the senior Congress leaders can be won over, it would help in neutralising the anti-incumbency factor. Though there is not much of anti- incumbency against the government, certainly there is some unhappiness over the performance of some of the MLAs and that could lead to problems for the party in the next elections.

If TRS can attract some of the important leaders from those areas, then things would become easy, the party sources told The Hans India. Some of the surveys, which were commissioned by the Chief Minister, have reportedly revealed that some MLAs have been at loggerheads with the officials in the districts and such issues could affect the development activities. 

The Chief Minister, during the meeting of TRSV at Telangana Bhavan, said the party would easily secure 70 to 80 seats and with little more effort the party would get more than 100 seats.

According to a senior TRS leader, the party had already initiated talks with the other political parties. Sources said the Congress leaders like Sunita Lakshma Reddy, Damodar Rajanarsimha, P Prabhakar and others were contacted by the party leaders. Sources also said the party was also concentrating on some of the TDP leaders who included Nama Nageswara Rao and other Khammam leaders.

Apart from the Congress and Telugu Desam, BJP leader from Suryapet Sankineni Venkateshwar Rao was also said to have been approached by the party leaders. Some of the leaders have put conditions for joining the party like seeking more tickets for their followers, added sources.

However, these leaders are yet to give their consent. “If the bypoll takes place in Nalgonda, the TRS is certain to win. Then most of the leaders would make a beeline to the TRS,” felt a senior leader who wished not to be quoted. It is said that Nalgonda MP G Sukhender Reddy would resign and join the TRS soon, resulting in bypoll.

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