Parents want to wake up govt with Munni’s Dream
Parents want to wake up govt with Munni’s Dream

Hyderabad: After drawing attention with Sonu song "KCR...! Tumko Padhai Ki Fikarich Nai Kay", the Hyderabad School Parents’ Association (HSPA) wanted to provoke state government machinery to the ‘School Fee Loot’ with a short film ‘Munni’s Dream’. The film is intended to wake up political bosses from their deep slumber and do their bit to save parents and children from the fee burden.

HSPA, which has been spearheading a movement for last eight years against the excessive collection of the fee by the private schools, had earlier come up with ‘Sonu Song’ with the hashtag 'SchoolFeeLoot'. It has gone viral and got 7.5 lakh hits from people across the state and the country.

Through its Sonu song, the HSPA had made a fervent appeal to Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao to consider regulation of school fee menace. The "KCR...! Tumko Padhai Ki Fikarich Nai Kay" had become a hit with many parents, not only from twin cities and Telangana but also from across the country. The song expressed the parents’ anguish and demanded the state government to reign in and put in place a fee regulation mechanism.

However, there is no letup in the situation and it was the same story repeated in the admissions of the academic year 2018-19 in which schools followed their own rules for collecting admission, tuition, transport, food and other fees. It was against this backdrop that the HSPA has hit upon the idea to come up with a film to picturise the Munni's Dream to gather the support of parents and to expose the fee collection education system.

Speaking to The Hans India, HSPA member Ranjit Singh said that the shooting of the film which will be directed by Sachindranadh Baskhi is scheduled to start in the second or third week of July, this year. Based on a story written by him, Srikanth Siripurapu will be producing the film, besides handling screenplay and dialogues of the film.  Muskan Arora, Swathi Poosapati, Kiran Abbaraju, Shakuntla Hooda, Seema Agarwal, Col. Dr Sitaram and Nalini will be playing key roles in the film woven around the dream of a schoolgirl Munni.    

While condemning the way government schools are being destroyed systematically leaving the public at the mercy of the private schools which in turn are exploiting students, former MLA and general secretary of Foundation for Democratic Reforms Jayaprakash Narayan appreciated the tireless efforts being made by the HSPA to contain the School Feel Loot.  

Meanwhile, several parents have been coming up in support of the HSPA. Karishma Khan, a parent expressed here anguish that a school in Mehdipatnam taught her five-year-old kid for two years. But, he is struggling even to learn alphabets. Another parent, Prakash Venkatesh Gowda rued over how a school in Chandanagar pushing parents to a corner by hiking fee to the tune of about 13 per cent for the academic year 2018-19. All these woes of parents and kids studying in the private schools will be the theme of the ‘Munni’s Dream’.