KCR ignored poor and down trodden: Vimalakka
KCR ignored poor and down trodden: Vimalakka

Kodangal: Castigating the TRS government's attitude for neglecting the poor and down trodden in Telangana during the past 4 years, Vimalakka, President of Arunodaya Kala Sanskruthi (TAFFU) lambasted the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for his double standards.  

She said that the TRS chief broke the belief and their confidence and has lead a dictatorial rule during the past four years suppressing the voices of the opposition and slapping false cases against all those who raised voices against the failures of the TRS government.

"KCR has broken the trust of Telangana people. Though he had come to power on the name of self rule of Telangana, he had colluded with Andhra business people and their organizations to loot the people of Telangana.

During the election campaign in 2014, the present Chief Minister himself promised to throw out all the corporate schools run by the Andhra people. Ironically after come to power what we are seeing today is totally opposite to what he has said,” said Vimalakka while taking part as a Chief Guest addressing a meeting organized by T-MASS (Telangana Masses and Social Organization-a united forum to fight for social justice).

“Thousands of private schools are mushrooming and totally destabilised the government run schools. The poor who were studying in the government schools are now forced to take admission into private schools who are fleecing them with heavy fees," she said.

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